Heroes for Education 5K Run, Walk & 1-Mile

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Saturday, November 12th, 2016 - Bryant Park, Lake Worth




Unlock a Student's Hidden Potential

Meet Nathan.

Nathan is a gifted math student living in a poor neighborhood who likes learning about stars, planets and black holes.

He spends hours with a pencil and notebook doing his homework, drawing pictures of spaceships and imagining what life may look like on other planets.

For Nathan, his classroom has become a launching pad – giving him what he needs to unlock his imagination and hidden potential.

By participating in the Heroes for Education 5K you have taken the first step in unlocking a student’s hidden potential. 100% of funds raised support Palm Beach County public schools!

Your participation helps to create Red Apple Supplies, a new free school supply store for high-needs classrooms, supports programs allowing students to excel academically and helps remove obstacles to graduation. In addition, you have the opportunity to designate a portion of your registration fees to be distributed back to the public school of your choice through Heroes for Education grants. 

Years from now, Dr. Nathan Conrad will credit this pencil for helping unlock some of the basic mysteries of particle physics: “Having caring teachers, first-rate resources and the freedom to explore my potential gave me a limitless future. I would not be the person I am had I not had the benefit of a public education.”

Every public classroom in Palm Beach County has a student like Nathan. Give them the resources they need to unlock their hidden potential and launch them into a universe without limits.



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