2018 Dwyer Awards Categories

Teachers can be nominated in only ONE category and only ONE teacher from each school may be nominated in any given category. You can have more than one nominee from your school, but only one teacher per category. 

Please note the bulleted list provided with each category are examples of subject areas that may fall under each category - it is not meant to be a complete list. If you have any questions please contact the Education Foundation at 561-434-7303 or DwyerAwards@EducationFoundationPBC.org.  


Guidance Counselors, Volunteer Coordinators, Parental Liaisons, Reading and Math Coaches, Substitute Teachers and other primarily administrative staff.


All full-time, certified teachers who are responsible for impacting student achievement by instructing children in either a traditional or non-traditional classroom setting are eligible to be nominated.  Educators must be certified through the State of Florida.  Candidates must have completed three (3) full years of teaching in Palm Beach County schools, exclusive of the current school year.


  • STEM Integration 
  • Project Based Learning
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Robotics
  • Technology/ Web Coding 
  • Technology Based Learning (Science, Mathematics, Engineering)

*The STEM Education Award recipient will also receive a complimentary registration to LRP's Future of Education Technology Conference in 2019 as well as an opportunity to be considered for the STEM Excellence Awards competition.

CATEGORY: Career Education (All 8000 level middle & high school classes fall under Career & Technical Education)

  • Agriscience and Natural Resources
  • Business Technology Education
  • Diversified Education
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Health Science Education/Medical
  • Industrial Education
  • ROTC

CATEGORY: Special/Support Programs (Elementary, Middle and High School)

  • Direct instruction of students (no less than 90% of teaching schedule) in the focus areas ESOL and ESE (including Gifted)
  • Supplemental Academic Instructors and Reading Recovery
  • Teachers with direct instruction of students (no less than 90% of teaching schedule).

CATEGORY: Elementary School

  • Pre-K
  • Core Coursework (math, reading, social studies and science)
  • Art and Music
  • Physical Education
  • Media Specialist

CATEGORY: Middle School

  • Core Coursework (math, language arts, reading, social studies and science)
  • Foreign Languages
  • Home Economics and Industrial Arts
  • Art, Music, Debate, Speech
  • Physical Education/Health
  • Media Specialist

CATEGORY: Senior High School

  • Core Coursework (math, language arts, reading, social studies and science)
  • Foreign Languages
  • Computer Science
  • Art, Music, Debate, Speech
  • Physical Education
  • Media Specialist