Founded in 1984, the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to advancing excellence in Palm Beach County's public education by increasing public awareness and inspiring community and business support for programs focused on learning, literacy, and leadership.  With the support it receives from contributions and grants, the Education Foundation provides resources for innovative programs to improve academic achievement.  Governed by a Board of Directors, the Foundation employs an Executive Director, Program Director and Development Director, who oversee fundraising, programs and recognition events. 

The Education Foundation serves as a conduit for private sector investment and community involvement in our public schools. We leverage these relationships for the benefit of our public schools and create partnerships with businesses and funders that affect students in the classroom and strengthen cooperation between the private sector and our public schools.

We invest in programs not funded through tax dollars, including student scholarships, mentoring and other dropout prevention strategies, teacher quality and recognition programs, classroom grants, literacy improvement strategies, technical/career education initiatives, and targeted support for low-performing students and schools.