Find It. Fund It. FAQ’s

 How do I register if I am a teacher?

Teachers must register on the grant site before they can create grants. It is a very quick and easy  process only requiring a username, password and contact information.

  1. click the button labeled “REGISTER” located directly in the top right corner of your public grant site
  2. Click Teacher
  3. Complete the short registration form on the screen
  1. After login, you will be in your profile account.

How do I use my profile account?

The menu bar at the top left allows you to navigate through your account. You can check your activity, approval status, submitted projects, drafts, etc. anytime simply by logging into your profile.

What if I change schools?

If you change schools during the year, you will need to update your profile immediately. If you do not make this change, your requests will be sent to the wrong principal for approval.

How do I make a request for funding?

  1. To create a new request, click on the Add A Grant Request button to start submitting your new projects using the on-screen instructions. We recommend that you write your request in Word so you can print and always have a copy for your records. Then, copy and paste your text into the request form.
  2. Please save your request as a draft until all the required information is added. Only drafts may be edited. Once you submit your request you will not be able to make changes.
  3. When completing your request please provide detailed information about your project
    • Request Title – Use a creative title that “hooks” the donor.
    • Image - We encourage you to upload a representational photo for your project. You may also choose generic photo from the options provided by the program.
    • Goal – Describe the goals for your request clearly, with specific details.
    • What will be done with the Students – Give a detail description of how the students will participate in completing the project and state your planned timeline for implementation. Is it a one-time activity or permanently integrated? How does the grant connect to your current curriculum?
    • Benefit – What are the expected outcomes?
    • Items and Detailed Cost – Complete the line items to provide a breakdown of the various items that you will need to complete the project.
    • Budget Narrative – Provide a summary of how the budgeted items will be used

How will I know if my request is approved?
You will be notified via email that your project has been posted to the website when your request has been approved by the District and Foundation.

Can I use social media to share my requestt?
Once posted to the website, you can promote your request via email, twitter and Facebook to parents, PTA/PTO and friends. Sharing is easy and can be done directly from the request page.

Do I need to register if I am a principal?

Principals do not need to register.

What is the approval process for principals?

  • Principals will receive an email once a grant has been submitted by a teacher allowing easy approval via email.
  • The email will state: The following classroom request was submitted by {teacher} on the foundation website. Please review and click the APPROVE or DENY link below the request.
  • Once the principal has approved a grant, the foundation and District will receive an email to review and approve the grant to be posted to the Find it Fund it website.

Why does the District/Foundation have to approve my grant request?

All grant requests must meet the requirements of the District/Foundation in order to be approved.

What happens when my request is posted to the website?
When requests are posted to the website, donors will have the opportunity to view and fund projects.

How will I know when a donor has funded my request?
When projects are funded, the teacher is notified via email and instructed on how to access the funds. A thank you email is sent to the donor on behalf of the teacher.

What should I do when I receive the funds?

  • Teachers are to keep track of spending the funds that are donated
  • Teachers will provide an impact report to share the outcomes of the project with investors.

What if I am unable to collect the full amount needed for my project?
Teachers will be able to use the funds received to complete another project in their classroom.

What happens to the items purchased if I leave my current school?
All items belong to and will remain at the school where the original request is completed.

HERE is a comprehensive guideline.