Connecting Community with Public Education

Christina Lambert
October 1, 2015
Christina Lambert President & CEO
Christina Lambert
President & CEO
The Education Foundation of Palm Beach County has a wonderful 31-year history of connecting community support with the areas of greatest need in our public schools - but we're just getting warmed up!  We hope you notice our increased effort to communicate measurable student outcomes, celebrate innovative classroom programming, and collaborate ways to equip teachers with direct resources for our students' academic success. 
The Foundation believes that our school children deserve the very best education we can give them.  In fact, we believe our children can lead the nation in academic performance.  As business leaders, parents and community activists, I applaud you for turning your attention to the importance of education for our community and country.  So, I hope you will join us as we continue to open access and create opportunities for each student to thrive academically in Palm Beach County.