Success Story: A Boy and a Bag of Books

Laura Bessinger-Morse
October 16, 2015

Carlos says Hi.

Carlos is now a big second grader. But in this smiling photo from first grade, he had just passed a Reading Counts quiz with a "just right" book provided by a grant from the Education Foundation.  When Carlos started first grade, he was a year and a half behind in his reading skills.  With help from his teachers, Carlos leaped ahead in just half the school year to read on grade level, which boosted his learning in other subjects as well. His potential unlocked, Carlos began to surpass his skills tests and find his ability to learn was limitless.

The extra support we were able to give Carlos by giving him a bag of books to take home to read each week was a big factor to push learning gains over the top for his success. Filled with gratitude for the Education Foundation! -- Michelle Dunlap