Red Apple Supplies Helps to Spread the Love to Puerto Rico!

We thank Maria Soto for sharing some of the amazing things she's doing in the classroom
to help her students not only learn, but to also make a difference in the world.
It’s because of teacher’s like Maria, that Red Apple Supplies has such an impact in the
classrooms here in Palm Beach County and even now in Puerto Rico! 


“Thanks to Red Apple Supplies and their donors, our VPK students at Barton Elementary School made beautiful letters to elementary students in Puerto Rico that were affected by Hurricane Maria. Using color papers, markers, feathers, glue, and envelopes, students draw hearts, flowers, houses, and happy faces. Others were able to write their names and some numbers. As they were working, they kept calling me to see what they made. How proud they felt of their work!

On October 20, a month after Hurricane Maria, I was able to visit Borinquen Bilingual School and Sport Development Center  in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, where I met with Mrs. Awilda the School’s Secretary. I wanted to give the letters to a Pre-K classroom but at that time they were taking a “siesta” nap. Mrs. Awilda took me to a third-grade classroom where I met Mrs. William. As I talked to the third-grade students, I mentioned that these letters were made by Pre-K students from Barton Elementary and they were made with love for the students in Puerto Rico. As I handed out the letters, I could feel the joy and emotion in them. Students got together to share the letters. I heard: “This one has a heart”, “Look at mine”, “This is so adorable”, “Mine has feathers and a house” “What did he write?" How proud I felt of my students! The School’s Administration was very grateful and touched by this kindness of caring, love and compassion.

Once again, THANKS RED APPLE SUPPLIES for your generosity and dedication!
It is really appreciated." Maria Soto, VPK Teacher

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