Teacher Recognition

Knowing that someone is behind them helps drive students forward. Teachers are no different.

The Foundation believes in giving teachers the tools they need, because no one spends more time or effort guiding our students toward greatness. And through different programs and events, we’re working hard to ensure that Palm Beach County has the very best. After all, educated and supported teachers make better students – which makes for a better community.

Beginning Teacher of the Year Award and Mentor Teacher of the Year Award

The Beginning Teacher of the Year Award and the Mentor Teacher of the Year Award are presented annually to an outstanding elementary, middle, and high school first year and mentor teacher employed by the Palm Beach County School District, who have been recommended by their principal for demonstrating excellence.  

Since 2008, 29 teachers have been awarded with this award and each award recipient receives a $350 grant (totaling $17,600).  Over 2,900 students have benefitted from the funding awarded teachers.