"I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Education Foundation for the past 10 years. Any time my company wants to support a local school or teacher the staff is willing to listen and make things happen. Of all the Education Foundations I work with in the state, by far the Education Foundation of PBC is the most flexible and easy to work with."

Maureen Wilt, Education Program Manager,
Florida Power and Light

"In 2008 I was awarded a Winner Scholarship when in the 4th grade at Greenacres Elementary. I am sending this email to tell you how grateful I am to have received this award. I am now in high school and maintaining a 3.4 GPA. Your award has inspired me to look forward to college and maintain the standards on why I was selected."

Matias Perez, Student,
Palm Beach Gardens High School

"The Education Foundation is extremely supportive of the School District’s college and career readiness initiatives. They provide program monitoring, support and fiscal management of resources dedicated to help remove barriers to students’ preparing for high school graduation and college readiness. Without the Foundation’s support, many of our initiatives would not be possible."

Nancy Reese, High School Graduation Initiative
Department of Safe Schools

"The Education Foundation has greatly impacted our Medical Science Academies through the years. Due to their support students are able to practice their skills using state of the art medical equipment, participate in the State Leadership Conference, and become certified and highly qualified healthcare providers by the time they finish high school. The Education Foundation has opened a world of opportunity to our medical academy students and teachers."

Miguel L. Benavente, M.D., M.S., Medical Science Specialist
Dept. of Choice & Career Options

"I am immensely grateful to the Foundation for its commendable effort in being the force behind the accomplishments of my students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). Their efforts exemplify how our community can be a significant partner in providing exceptional learning opportunities for our students."

Dr. Jagathy Nair, Teacher/Dept. Chair
Royal Palm School

"As the person tasked with administering the Financial Literacy Grant Monies, I can’t overstate how attentive and responsive the Education Foundation has been to our needs. Quite simply, this initiative is not successful without the support and devotion of the Foundation staff. I am confident that because of this commitment we will succeed with our goal to have all students of the School District financially literate upon graduation."

Aaron Standish, Financial Literacy Coordinator K-12
Secondary Education Department

"I have worked with the Education Foundation of PBC for several years, and they make our mission of helping homeless students so much easier. The staff is always professional, personable, and timely. They go above and beyond to fulfill our needs, often times with very little notice. Not only does the Education Foundation enable us to raise funds for our homeless students and families, their accounting and record keeping is remarkable. They are a genuine joy to work with."

Beth Lefler, McKinney-Vento Program
Department of Safe Schools

"Over the past eight years the Education Foundation has supported the School District’s vision of the whole child by supporting local efforts to promote healthy kids through physical education and physical activity. Over 15,000 elementary students have benefited from the generous support for physical education programs and by creating reading libraries for elementary schools that focus on physical activity, health and nutritional content."

Eric Stern,
Physical, Health, and Driver Education Administrator

"Life has been quite a whirlwind since the Dwyer Awards Ceremony! I truly appreciated the day of the interviews. I was obviously nervous, and heard the words “Be Yourself, the judges want to get to know you as a person.” Those words of encouragement really helped me to relax so I want to say “Thank you very much.  I still cannot believe I won! Thank you for the commitment to excellence in teaching."

Kendra Huff, Science Dept. Chair, Pre Medicine Magnet Instructor
Palm Beach Gardens High School

“The Education Foundation is making a difference in the lives of kindergarten and first grade students in Riviera Beach. With their assistance we were able to secure a 3 million dollar grant to be disbursed over 5 years with a focus on literacy in the primary years. The grant allows teachers to receive first class professional development, weekly coaching and the latest reading materials for their students. Our school system is fortunate to have a foundation that truly supports education in PBC.”

David Alfonso, Area 4 Director

“I have worked with the Education Foundation and the Mission Graduation program for the past 7 years. This program is the catalyst for building a better world. Students who may be facing the greatest challenges receive the encouragement and positive reinforcement needed to fulfill their dreams. This program has been one of the most significant graduation initiatives I have had the pleasure of working with throughout my professional career.”

Judy Thomas, Single School Culture Initiative